Sunglow Boas

Common Name: Colombian Boa constrictor

Scientific Name: Boa constrictor imperator

Morph: Sunglow (kahl)

Genetics: albino salmon (designer)

First Produced by: dave and tracy barker of vpi,

and Jeremy stone in 2000.


Sunglow boas are a designer snake, made by crossing a salmon boa with an albino. When sunglows are born, they have almost a pure white base body color, with glowing red saddles and tails. As they mature, sunglows will yellow out because that they are albino, but will hold a good amount of the red in their saddles and tails. Their salmon influence shows up in their bow-tie saddles and intense tails. As they mature, the salmon gene intensifies the red in their base body color and blends with the yellow from the albino gene, which gives you a glowing orange snake.